5 Cosmetic Treatments for Quick Results

When you have an important event approaching, you want quick options to look your best. Whether you are heading on vacation or have a class reunion, there are treatments that can make your skin glow and minimize the effects of time. While there are many cosmetic treatments that can improve your appearance, many require several […]

Venus Versa Treatments for Your Valentine

When it comes to enhancing the skin, laser treatments can be the most effective non-surgical option for exceptional results. The Venus Versa is an innovative cosmetic treatment application, using cutting-edge technology to address many common cosmetic concerns. Whether you want to smooth away lines and wrinkles, remove hair, tightening skin or fade away sun spots, […]

Maximizing Your Weight Loss Efforts in 2018

For many, losing those extra pounds is an ongoing fight. Every year when the ball drops on the previous year, resolutions are made to finally win the battle of weight loss. If losing weight was one of your goals for 2018, it is time to find a new approach to meet the challenge. Doing the […]

How a Photo Facial Can Improve Your Skin

Has the color and texture of your skin changed as you have gotten older? It is not just lines and wrinkles that plague the skin as it ages. Changes in the pigmentation, pore size and elasticity are other factors that make your skin look older, whether it is on your face, hands, chest or other […]

Benefits of MIC/B12 Fat Burner Injections

Are you looking for something to accelerate your weight loss? While there may not be a magic bullet that will remove those extra pounds for you, there are nutrients that can make it easier to shed excess weight. “Fat burners” are nutrients that impact your metabolism and energy, helping you metabolize fat for energy. Adding […]

Young male athlete jogging at the promenade. Legs in motion. A quiet beach with sand dunes on the background
Top Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Men

Hormonal changes do not just affect women – men also can be impacted by changes in their hormonal balance as they get older. Low testosterone affects millions of men in midlife, causing a variety of symptoms that can alter their wellbeing. Knowing the signs and symptoms can help you determine whether you should be tested […]

Improve Your Skin with Microneedling

Do you have fine lines, wrinkles, scars or uneven pigment on your skin? While there are many cosmetic options to treat these common signs of aging and damaged skin, most rely on injections or synthesized products. Microneedling can be a wonderful treatment solution that uses your skin’s own healing properties to fight aging or damage […]

cosmetic april
Spring Cosmetic Makeover: Beauty at Any Age

Spring is a time for rejuvenation. If you look in the mirror and see the signs of aging on your face, consider the benefits of a spring cosmetic makeover. Cosmetic procedures are available that can minimize the appearance of lines, wrinkles and skin texture changes that occur as you get older. No need for surgery […]

fitness 40
Fitness at Forty Plus

Fitness is important at every age, especially as you get older. Keeping active helps improve your cardiovascular health, keeps joints flexible and muscles limber. And of course, physical fitness helps you maintain a healthy weight and look your best. But, staying physically fit after forty can be more difficult for a variety of reasons, including […]

Bio-Identical Hormones and Menopause Symptom Treatment

Are you entering in to the one of the phases of menopause? Women go through many reproductive stages in their life, but one of the most challenging can be the several years of peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause. The “change” is an apt nickname for this change in hormones that can affect almost every aspect of […]

Are Food Allergies or Sensitivities Affecting Your Well-Being?

Food allergies or sensitivities can affect your well-being, often without you realizing they are the culprit. Weight gain, fatigue, inflammation and pain can be caused from undiagnosed food allergies and sensitivities, impacting your quality of life. With food allergy and sensitivity testing, you can identify these underlying causes of health issues and begin treatment to […]

How Juvederm Can Make You Look Years Younger

Have you noticed changes in the way your skin looks as you have aged? Even with a proactive skincare program, healthy diet and careful protection against the Phoenix sun, your skin will eventually show the signs of age. Changes in the production of collagen and other factors affect the elasticity and firmness of your skin. […]

Treatment for Low Testosterone in Men

As men age, even in their thirties and forties, testosterone levels can begin to drop. Other factors like stress and illness can also create low testosterone. For some, this can have adverse effects on their health, wellbeing and quality of life. Changes in energy levels, weight, hair fullness, mood and libido are common side effects as testosterone […]

Are You Suffering from Overtraining Syndrome?

Being physically fit and improving your body’s performance can enhance your health and well-being. Whether you use exercise to maintain a healthy, fit body or are an athlete striving to meet higher levels of performance, balance is important in your exercise routine. When you push your body too hard without enough rest, your efforts can […]

Kybella Injections- You Can Lose Your Double-Chin!

Are you plagued with extra fat under your chin? Many people retain fat deposits below their chin, creating the infamous double-chin. Although you may not be overweight, this predisposition to store fat below your chin can make your face look heavy, older and less defined. However, there is a new non-invasive cosmetic procedure to combat […]

Is Botox Cosmetic Right for You?

Unless you have been living under a rock in the Arizona desert, you know that Botox cosmetic is used by millions of women and men.  This cosmetic has become a staple in the cosmetic bag of tricks to reverse the hands of time, especially when those hands leave lines on your forehead or brow. If you are noticing lines and […]

Benefits of 90-Day Male Hormone Therapy Treatments

Regulating testosterone levels through therapy can have many benefits for men. Through hormone replacement therapy, many men experience higher energy levels, improved mood, metabolism balance and many other health advantages. However, it is vital keep hormone levels stable, which can be easier to achieve with 90-day male hormone therapy treatments. Advantages of 90-day Testosterone Injections […]

bio-identical hormone therapy
Why Women Choose Troches for Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

When faced with symptoms of hormonal changes, bio-identical hormone therapy is the most natural and effective way to bring women’s hormones back into balance. Hormone replacement therapy isn’t just about mood swings and hot flashes. Low hormone levels in women can increase their risk of heart attack, have negative effects on their sexual relationships, help […]

Diet and Exercise Aren’t Always Enough

Have you made significant changes to your lifestyle by incorporating diet and exercise, but you’re still struggling to lose weight? While there are plenty of health benefits that coincide with a healthy diet and exercise plan, it can be frustrating if the scale stays the same. If this sounds familiar, chances are your diet and […]

testosterone therapy
Stay Healthier with Testosterone Therapy

As men get older, testosterone levels begin to drop. For most men this change begins between the ages of 30 to 40. However, younger men can also experience a drop in testosterone levels, which can affect their health – both mentally and physically. Low testosterone can impact on a man’s ability to build muscle, his […]

low testosterone
Know the Signs of Low Testosterone

People often speak about hidden diseases; however, low testosterone is usually left out of the conversation. The problem with that is, low testosterone majorly impacts on those who are suffering in silence. Low testosterone is linked to aggression, depression, heart disease, and osteoporosis, meaning it is a serious condition that affects a large number of […]

Allergy Testing
Why Do Food Allergy Testing?

Allergies can occur for a variety of reasons, since there are also different types of allergens. Food is  common allergen (both touching and consuming) and can be identified by food allergy testing. Other allergens can be from environmental causes (trees, mold, pollen), chemicals and medication. Each can cause your immune system to overreact, leading to […]

cosmetic injections
Enhance Beauty with Cosmetic Injections in Arcadia

If you live in Arizona and are looking to enhance your appearance, cosmetic injections may be the answer. As you age, lines, wrinkles and other issues can affect the beauty of your skin. The unrelenting sun in Arizona can cause havoc with your skin, leaving you looking older and less healthy as you age. At […]

Hormone Imbalance
Treatment for Hormone Imbalance in Arizona

Are you lacking energy, experiencing fatigue or combatting excessive weight gain? Hormone imbalance could be the culprit behind these issues. When your body becomes hormonally imbalanced, it can lead to many common health issues that can affect your quality of life. Arcadia Wellness Center offers hormone testing and replacement therapy for our patients in Phoenix, […]

Benefits of B12 and B Complex Injections

Vitamin B is a naturally occurring vitamin found in a variety of foods we consume; however, vitamin B is more than a single vitamin. Vitamin B is a group of 8 vitamins that are combined to form a group of B vitamins. This specific group of vitamins is vital to our health, especially B12. Many […]