B12 Fat Burner Injections

MIC - Lipotropic Injections

What are Lipotropic Injections?
These are a purified liquid form of nutrients and vitamins really that also contain:

Methionine: helps break down fat and aids digestion of food.
Inositol: great for regulating metabolism of fat and helps prevent hardening of arteries.
Choline: vital for heart health.
Vitamin B12: helps prevent anemia (low iron).


What do Lipotropic Injections do?
It is believed that the nutrients and vitamins injected into the body can improve the overall liver function. A healthy liver is an important part of dropping weight because it helps to filter out the body of impurities.

While on a diet, it can be difficult to make sure your body receives all the necessary nutrients to keep it running smoothly and to nourish general health, so using lipotropic injections makes sure your body receives all these nutrients, and helps your energy levels as a result. When used with a sensible diet and exercise regimen, lipotropic injections can give you the extra edge you need in a weight loss plan.

What is the lipotropic injection schedule?
We make getting your injections as easy as possible. We recommend making an appointment or getting your injection after your aesthetic injectables. It is safe and effective to have injections once or twice a week, which easily fits into a work and home life schedule.

Weight loss lipotropic Injections at Arcadia Wellness Center are safe, effective and an easy way to keep your body well-balanced. Vitamin B12/ Lipotropic injections help increase your energy as well as contribute to the success of your weight loss plan.

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