Feel Your Best with Hormone Therapy

Have you lost your zip and vigor as you have gotten older? It is very common, especially in those hitting their forties and fifties, but can be seen in some people as early as their late twenties. Both men and women can notice a downward spiral in their energy in mid-life. They may also notices […]


Bio-Identical Hormones and Menopause Symptom Treatment

Are you entering in to the one of the phases of menopause? Women go through many reproductive stages in their life, but one of the most challenging can be the several years of peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause. The “change” is an apt nickname for this change in hormones that can affect almost every aspect of […]

bio-identical hormone therapy

Why Women Choose Troches for Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

When faced with symptoms of hormonal changes, bio-identical hormone therapy is the most natural and effective way to bring women’s hormones back into balance. Hormone replacement therapy isn’t just about mood swings and hot flashes. Low hormone levels in women can increase their risk of heart attack, have negative effects on their sexual relationships, help […]