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Fitness at Forty Plus

Fitness is important at every age, especially as you get older. Keeping active helps improve your cardiovascular health, keeps joints flexible and muscles limber. And of course, physical fitness helps you maintain a healthy weight and look your best. But, staying physically fit after forty can be more difficult for a variety of reasons, including […]


Are You Suffering from Overtraining Syndrome?

Being physically fit and improving your body’s performance can enhance your health and well-being. Whether you use exercise to maintain a healthy, fit body or are an athlete striving to meet higher levels of performance, balance is important in your exercise routine. When you push your body too hard without enough rest, your efforts can […]


Diet and Exercise Aren’t Always Enough

Have you made significant changes to your lifestyle by incorporating diet and exercise, but you’re still struggling to lose weight? While there are plenty of health benefits that coincide with a healthy diet and exercise plan, it can be frustrating if the scale stays the same. If this sounds familiar, chances are your diet and […]